Key End-Time Events

A collection of key events with scripture references for these end times.

The following list of major end-time events is not in any chronological order. In fact, many events are occurring concurrently, thereby underscoring the view that we are indeed in the very last days of the age. Only key Bible texts are given but most events are well supported by multiple Bible references.

  1. increased travel and knowledge (Daniel 12.4)

  2. worldwide preaching of the Christian gospel (Matthew 24.14)

  3. deep spiritual darkness across all nations (Isaiah 60.2)

  4. widespread lawlessness (Matthew 24.12)

  5. severe weather events (Luke 21.25)

  6. increasing famines and plagues (Matthew 24.7)

  7. increasing persecution of Christians and Jews (Matthew 24.9)

  8. the return of scattered Israel to their biblical land, Canaan (Ezekiel 37.21)

  9. the sudden re-birth of the nation, Israel (Isaiah 66.8)

  10. a powerful, apostate church (Revelation 17.1-6)

  11. the sudden and miraculous removal of the true church from the earth (Matthew 24.40-42)

  12. a godless and ruthless world government with total control over individuals (Dan 2.40-43)

  13. a godless, pompous, lawless and blasphemous world dictator (Daniel 7.19-21)

  14. a seven-year Peace Treaty with Israel, which is then broken mid-term (Daniel 9.27)

  15. a cashless trading system, with the forced insertion of an ID on individuals (Revelation 13.16-18)

  16. a global financial (economic) crash (Revelation 18.9-24)

  17. an essentially Islamic invasion of Israel, probably led by Russia (Ezekiel 38.1-17)

  18. an ‘all-nation’ invasion of Israel (Armageddon) (Zechariah 14.1-3)

  19. God’s judgement upon nations: cataclysmic events such as severe weather (Revelation 16.8-9)